Forecast for 2013 (Water-Snake) Year

It is recommended to keep the following challenging sectors quiet and to avoid any major renovation works as possible. Places like the south-west, north-west, east and the central areas.

The #5 yellow (disaster) flying star is positioned at the central sector; indicating a possible virus epidemic outbreak. Major disasters occurring in the 4th and 10th Chinese calendar month. The season of spring is auspicious, summer and winter are inauspicious follows by autumn season being fair.

Slow economic condition. Watch out for a possible stock market correction. Disputes continues between China and Japan. Possible war break-out in the middle eastern countries like Iran. Gossips and disputes sets among the celebrities in the eastern countries like Hong Kong. Beach Blossom energies is positioned at the South this year.

The water-snake year carries impaired stars that negatively affecting East Asia. Do stay healthy by improving the body’s immunity system. Good Luck and good health.